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The First Definative Fight for Freedom - World War II

"First they arrested the Communists -- but I was not a Communist, so I did nothing.
Then they came for the Social Democrats, but I was not a Social Democrat, so I did nothing.
Then they arrested the trade unionists -- and I did nothing because I was not one.
And then they came for the Jews and the Catholics, but I was neither a Jew nor a Catholic and I did nothing.
At last they came and arrested me -- and there was no one left to do anything about it."
[Rev Martin Niemoller (Nazi Prison Survivor)]

In the late 1800's, the issue was slavery. In the early 1900's, it was women's suffrage. However, the definative fight (since the end of the European monarchs) for freedom was World War II, which lasted from 1930 to 1945, The threat came in the form of Nazi fascism (the end result of socialism, on the right). This was the first truly global war, fought in the name of freedom, and the ideals of American Democracy. In this war - we (the new Anglo-American free world) weren't fighting a monarch - but socialism. Socialism is the one of the types of democracies, but it typically ends up enslaving the people it was supposed to free. Leaders, are (at first) very popular and elected (as such). In this case, it produced fascism, and dictators Hitler and the Nazis' (The National Socialists) and then (during the war) Stalin and the Social Democrats (Communist Socialists). National Socialist are viewed to be on the right side of the political scale and Communist Socialists (or just socialists) are viewed to be on the left. While, socialism starts as a movement of the people (and is very popular), it ends with absolute government control - with a dictator at it's head. In the process, groups are selected by the state to be eliminated - or re-educted. This was the case with the Jews under the Nazis. However, it rarely stays as such (noted in the above quote by Rev Martin Niemoller). The first to alert the world of the Nazis (and the Communist - danger) was Winston Church! However, this threat was not seen by America (then under FDR) until 1941 - just four years before world war II ended. The popular view was that the Nazis could be negotiated with. However, as German u-boat were gathering of the coast of Boston, and Britain was being bombed - American entered the war that it ended four years later with the atomic bomb, 80 million people dead, Europe destroyed, and the horrors of the Nazi death camps.

From the Right to the Left - the Threat to Freedom Continues

However, the war for freedom was not over - just changed. Changed, because conventional wars could no longer be fought, due to the existence of the atomic bomb, but a new cold war. The war shifted from the right to the left in 1945 as the Iron Current (reference: Winston Churchill) fell across eastern Europe. Just as socialism on the right produced Hitler, socialism on the left produced Stalin and the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics). Although, the USSR was commonly called communist, in reality, it was socialist (socialism on the left). Remeber - communists (and communism) is just a socialist (socialism) on the left. Just as nationalists (and nationalism) is on the right. Once again, the free speech that liberals (another name for socialists on the left) often talked about, was eliminated once they were in power. The socialist ideal of living (the perfect society they were trying to construct - aka socialist utopia), required the betterment of their society to take precedent over individual rights and freedoms. Anyone expressing alternate views (or opposition) to the socialists were arrested. Failures of the state were covered up, and no one allowed to speak of them. Then, those deemed - unfit for society were "collected" into correctional institutes to be re-educated. Those deemed too unfit to be corrected or re-educated were eliminated.

The Fight to be American - The Black American Movement

While the cold war raged - blacks in the United States moved toward greater equality for its citizens. In the United States, freedom was initially given by the government, but limited to a specific group. Initially, only European males were considered to be American, everyone else weren't. There were even scientific reasons for this. However, after women fought to be included - those of color (Negro, Mavro, and Kara in Greek) weren't. This would begin to change in 1950, when the black-negro American movement began.

Blacks did not consider themselves Africans, but Americans of a different color skin - and they fought to be Americans, with all rights held in the constitution. The irony, and serious problem, was while "the free world" (the same Anglo-American world as in WWII) fought for freedom, there were those at home - who were not. The south (of the United States) the imperial gentry view did not die. Here people (in polite southern society) "knew their place" and weren't allowed to leave it. Rich stayed rich, poor stayed poor and slaves stayed slaves. It was American gentry (royalty) at its best and thoroughly anti-American. World war II should have changed that, but it didn't. The Nazi ideals of racial purity had taken hold in the US. However, a few brave souls stood up and challenged the royal gentry of the south. This was the beginning of the what was called civil rights movement (really the black-negro American movement). The fight for Black Americans to be full Americans. This Black American Freedom Movement is the next hallmark in the American fight for freedom. As with all fights for freedom, in the beginning there would be tremendous sacrifices made - and paid in blood - just as in world war II and the occurring cold war (wwIII).

The Costs, and Risks, of War - to Freedom

During the cold war were a number of limited wars termed a "police actions". The first occurred in Korea (1950 to 53). While the Korean war was short, by comparison to the cold war, it was none the less an important battle in the war for freedom, but not for the reasons most think. The Korean war provides an excellent example on the costs of war. This was the period know as McCarthyism. So named due to Senator Joseph McCarthy;

The hunt for subversives started during the war itself, and was furthered by congressional committees that often abused their powers of investigation to harass people with whom they differed politically. Then in February 1950, an undistinguished, first-term Republican senator from Wisconsin, Joseph McCarthy, burst into national prominence when, in a speech in Wheeling, West Virginia, he held up a piece of paper that he claimed was a list of 205 known communists currently working in the State Department. McCarthy never produced documentation for a single one of his charges, but for the next four years he exploited an issue that he realized had touched a nerve in the American public.

He and his aides, Roy Cohn and David Schine, made wild accusations, browbeat witnesses, destroyed reputations and threw mud at men like George Marshall, Adlai Stevenson, and others whom McCarthy charged were part of an effete "eastern establishment." For several years, McCarthy terrorized American public life, and even Dwight Eisenhower, who detested McCarthy, was afraid to stand up to him. Finally, however, the senator from Wisconsin over-stepped his bounds.

In January 1954, in what were to be the first televised hearings in American history, McCarthy obliquely attacked President Eisenhower and directly assaulted Secretary of the Army Robert Stevens. Day after day the public watched McCarthy in action -- bullying, harassing, never producing any hard evidence, and his support among people who thought he was "right" on communism began to evaporate. Americans regained their senses, and the Red Scare finally began to wane. By the end of the year, the Senate decided that its own honor could no longer put up with McCarthy's abuse of his legislative powers, and it censured him in December by a vote of 65 to 22.

For further reading: Richard Rovere, Senator Joe McCarthy (1959); Stanley Kutler, The American Inquisition (1982); Thomas C. Reeves, The Life and Times of Joe McCarthy (1982).

[reference: http://usinfo.state.gov/usa/infousa/facts/democrac/60.htm

The McCarthy red scare caused the Korean war to become a Pyrrhic victory for freedom. A victory that would lead to a significant loss in Indo-China.

The Costs and Risks of War - to Freedom - Vietnam: The unJust War

Lead falsely into war with the Gulf of Tonkin incident, the most costly war in American history would begin. This war would not only cost lives, and it would not be a fight for freedom - but a fight for French Colonialism. A fight to continue French enslavement of non-europeans. During the period between the Korean War and the Vietnam War, American would lose it's way in the fight for freedom. Globally, it crushed (or tried to crush) democratic revolts, in fear that the soviets would occupy these new democracies (like Cuba and Vietnam). The end result was a self-fulling prophecy in which new democracies - cut off from support from American support, they turned to the Soviet Union. While it failed in Cuba, in Vietnam it succeeded in splitting the country in two (north and south) - just like Korea. In the North, the communist socialists had taken over and fought for socialism, while in the south the Americans fought for a French colonial dictator.

In the middle - and seen on TV - were the people, abused from both sides. The pictures of burning homes, and dead babies, on the daily news prompted the American people into action. The lies told to the people, about the war, made it even worse. This was at the same time as the black civil rights marches and the result was that black civil rights were linked to (and became linked to) the growing anti-war protests. Further, socialism, reared it's ugly head once again attaching itself to the American government's failure to support freedom. It spread throughout South America, and into the American mainstream, as the sixties peaked. It boiled over into the "Great Society" and ending in mass drug addiction, homelessness, and race riots in the Carter Administration. This accompainied the collapse of Siagon (the loss of the Vietnam War), the thousands of serious damaged military people who were left to fend for themselve, as the creation of the worst, and longest, recession since the depression unfolded.

A Reminder of the Quest for Freedom at Home - The Great Society vs "That Bitch of a War"

While the costs of Vietnam were still unfolding, A reminder of the fight for freedom burned bright at home. Really starting in 1965, the war for freedom was raging at home despite the fact that Lyndon Johnson's presidency signed into law more than 200 bills to improve civil rights in his bid to create what he called the Great Society (built on socialist ideals). He created massive government programs that he expected the people to be grateful for. Yet in 1967, just three years after the historic signing of the civil rights act of 1964, the United States erupted in race riots. Riots that would last well into the 1970's. These riots of poverty ( and race) merged with massive (and growing) anti-war protests that besieged the Johnston administration. Despite the Johnson administration's promise of a better, and equal, America via the "Great Society", the reality was a raging war that erupted in the streets - and over seas. This was the beginning of a new America, where there was freedom was a lie - a lie that all were equal. The reality was the poor were locked out of university (and the good jobs that came with a university education). The result, of which, was the poor (with out access to upper-levels of educations) where drafted to fight the increasingly unpopular war, while the wealthy used their priviledges to avoid it.

The Relatively Short Life of the Hippie Socialist Utopia -1970's

Out of this chaos, came a new socialist movement in America - the Hippie (the Neo-Nihilist). The Hippie dreamed of a nihilist socialist utopia based on their ideas of love and none violence. The motto of their time and society was - "Just Say Yes". It was a culture of "extreme" tolerance. They said yes to everything - well mostly to drugs and sex. It was their idea that sexual freedom was the ultimate form of love, and would bring peace. This wasn't to be; with drugs came mental illness and the hell of drug addiction; with sex came disease and death. Further, with sex came jealously, possesiveness and the consequential violence; with drug addiction came poverty and the consequential violent crime to pay for the addiction. The irony - both the hippie, and the warrior (the poor draftee) would fill the streets of American with a new visible poverty: The Homeless. Although the hippie/nihilist dream would die, it would die a slow death - that lasted a decade. The symbol for this painfully slow death became the Carter Administration - yet another attempt of socialism to root itself in America. However, shows like "Good Times" showed the reality of "The Great Society" and socialism. It showed how the large socialist government bureaucracy was so corrupt that it actually made poverty worse - not better. The result was the continuation of riots, neighborhood after neighborhood of burnt out buildings and the ghettos of government housing.

The Socialist Hippies Sell Out, Anarchy Rises & Cold War Fatigue - 1980's

Seeing the hell of the ensuing anarchy (the cousin of Nihlism and the nihlist) that was occurring, many of the hippies who began the counter-culture, returned to the business and money of their parents. It was here that the hippie became the 1980's ikonic yuppie. The VW bug (and the microbus) were traded in for the "beemer"; tie clothes and beeds for the latest in Italian fashion. The ideas of hippie life sold for the wealth of capital. It was Reaganomics and supply-side economics that would be the new standard.

Reagan's 1981 Program for Economic Recovery had four major policy objectives: (1) reduce the growth of government spending, (2) reduce the marginal tax rates on income from both labor and capital, (3) reduce regulation, and (4) reduce inflation by controlling the growth of the money supply. [William A. Niskanen, http://www.econlib.org/library/Enc/Reaganomics.html

However, socialism would find a new target - a new cause - and yet another face to socialism. Out of the hippie-nilhist, anti-war movement - would grow the new no-nuke anarchist movement. Anarchist symbols began to appear in anti-war protests, as protests became riots - and anarchist civil disorder. Anarchism, became the new populism, of which Madona and Mad Max became that generation's ikon. Here, the fangs of the socialist beast would begin to show - as they painted a picture of Reagan as a warmonger, and the embodiment evil. Images once reserved for the late Briitsh Prime Minister Winston Churchill when he wanted to take on the socialist (right) Hitler and the Socialist Nazis. Reagan's supporters, and the Republican party, were portrayed in movies and tv shows as rich, greedy fascists. Socialists (now wholly identified with the left) were open tolerant, peaceful and loving human beings (the older hippie). Socialists were good and Republicans were evil. This formed the dichotomy of the 1980's - the fight of socialism to "end" the cold war (by surrendering to the soviets) and Reaganomics. Ironically, it was Reagan who ended the cold war, not the socialist ideals of surrender.

Socialism takes Root in America - return to the Hippie Commune via Corporate Culture and the new Corporate Socialism - 1990

The politics of the 1990's would come out of the crack fueled anarchy (another type of socialism) of the 1980's, which in turn was built on the drug addicted socialism of the 1970's. The beginning of the 1990's saw the end of the cold war, but not socialism. The ultimate socialist con was just about to occur with the Clinton Administration. Bill Clinton, a socialist Democrat, painted himself as a "new Democrat" (a Reagan-socialist) and pushed for change. His sales pitch worked, George Bush I was defeated in 1992 - and socialism would take root, once again, in America. It's moniker and ikon would be narcissism. All social problems stemed from a lack of self-esteem. Consider the definition; esteem - to regard highly or favorably; regard with respect or admiration: I esteem him for his honesty. . Then self-esteem is to regard yourself highly or favorably; regard yourself with respect or admiration: I esteem myself. This was the new socialist religion be taught in the schools. Narcissism, under Bill Clinton, became the new socialist virtue.

During the 1990's, we were told that, we are free! and that there is nothing left to fight for. Yet, "for our own safety" (and protection), our rights - constitutionally guarrented - were been slowly, but steadily, eroded (via regulation). They told us, that they fought for free speech and thought, but, now speech and though were "intellectual property", and restricted to those who owned it and the government. P.R. (Public Relations) was packaged and sold as Reality, and truth; a commodity. Participants, in this "corporate socialism" are neo-socialist politicians (our civil "servants" - the socialist Democrats), who have sold the constitutional freedoms, and Americans, down the river, into socialist-corporate slavery.

Yet, using PR, and campaign hype, they created a sense of fear, upon which they appear as our saviors. Grand-standing - professing to tell us what the "truth" is. To finance their exploits, they have sold the freedom of the public (whom they profess to protect) to capital-socialist fascists - people interested in building empires with us as slaves. Their fraud, and criminal double standards, have become the norm, creating a neo-fascist state. To this effect, they began arresting poor street people, in a "safe streets" campaign; then pointed the finger at the mentally ill; massacured two religious groups (Waco and Ruby Ridge) based on unfounded rumor; set intimidation (and fear) via militerized police as standard; eliminated free speech and free thought via the Digitial Copyright Act - and this was the Socialist Democrat Clinton administration (not a supposedly evil republican administration). They went on to label Christians - fascists, hate-mongorers - as fraud on a massive scale would be created. Fraud, in the form of the Dot Boom (which would bust in a few short years), Enron (a product of the new socialist environmental movement in California), Worldcom; and finally, the AOL Time-Warner take-over and the Daimler Chrysler take-over both sold as mergers. The ultimate irony would be Bill Clinton's creation of war to protect himself from impeachment. In the Clinton policy of "slash and burn" politics, the American political climate would change - and the beast of socialism would become a reality - demonizing and attacking anyone who opposed them.

America at War Again - 2000

This reality would be seen in the bitter election of 2000, in which the Democrats lost to the new George Bush - George Bush Jr. . The bitterness was so deep that the Democrats (now the Socialist Democrats) fought the election all the way to the Supreme Court. Where they lost yet again, but claimed that the election was stolen by the "evil" George Bush. On the internet, email groups, and chat rooms, the hatred of the "evil" Bush grew until the talk of assassination was routine. This was war, socialism vs Bush II (and Reaganomics) - as socialists saw it. A socialist war that was waging unseen by many Republicans. The Republicans did not see what was going on, on the internet. Then on what should have been a bright, sunny, september day in 2001, came the day the will forever been known as 9/11 and the "free world" enters into a new war - an undefined war. A war, in which, it was assumed the culprit was known - but what was not seen, was a message on the internet, from a socialist group in American - Dated Sept.11.2001, Subject:"We Have Gone Too Far!!!"

2000 & Beyond - Defining the Fight For Freedom & DE as the solution

On January 1 1999, Democratic Earth came into existence, culminating from work that began in 1992 with the creation of the Democracy Institute. Formed to understand the history of democracy and its possible place in the future. It was realized the socialism was fatally optimistic, and ignored itsown self-destructive past. Yet each with the goal of seeing their version of society become the dominant global society - now saw the United Nations (UN) as the new socialist vehicle. Thus the need for Democratic Earth (DE). As the UN has steadily embraced the ideals of socialism, and a global social government - it has become corrupt and non-functioning. This leaves the new DE created 45 years after the UN, to be the global beacon of freedom.

The final reason, and need, for DE irony is that neither will ever achieve their goal. The problem is that, each has fundamental errors - that will result in their destruction. In short - they cannibalize themselves. As a result, the further society swings - to either the left or right - the greater the danger that society will destroy itself. However, the political spectrum is not just split left or right. There are three more political catagories - who try to oppose the authorities of both the left and the right. The first, is the destructor of all - "Anarchists". The Anarchists, are socialists (of the Nihlist type) - but believe in destruction and chaos. The second, are the "Theists. The "Theists" believe in preparing the world for the rule of God. While the third, an the imperialists, who still believe in the rule of god-kings. Historically, each system destroys itself.

However, the consequences of socialist system (or any self-destructive system) in a nuclear world are truly frightening, because it means no more chances. This is it! We either get it right or go extinct. If survival, and self-preservation, is the one thing that we all have in common - then it stands to reason that a real democracy is the only choice. This is

Democratic Earth
The only global society that will not lead to extinction!
A global society built on the concepts held in the American Constitution!
A global society for the global American!